Employers violate FMLA, worker suffers

Having any type of medical condition can make life more difficult in various ways. In some cases, conditions could result in individuals needing frequent medical attention and time off of work. Often, the Family and Medical Leave Act can allow qualifying workers to take leave without putting their jobs at risk. Unfortunately, some employers may violate the rights of workers covered under FMLA.

New York readers may take interest in a recent lawsuit that was filed in another state regarding such violations. Reports stated that a man had worked for an oil and gas company for four years and that he also has a medical condition known as narcolepsy, which means his sleep cycles differ from those without the condition. After starting a new treatment for his condition, the man had a difficult time adjusting his schedule and working through the effects of his condition.

The man stated that the company offered him accommodations, but later, his employers became less patient. As a result, the man was later fired from his position. The worker and his legal representation believe that his former employers violated the Family and Medical Leave Act and Americans with Disabilities Act. The company did not provide comment for the report citing pending litigation.

Violations of the FMLA can easily result in a worker losing his or her job when that may not have been the only available outcome. Taking leave can often allow workers to address certain aspects of their medical conditions and allow them to determine how they can best continue working. If New York workers believe that their rights have been violated in relation to this act, they may want to explore their legal options.

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