Employment discrimination: Worker demoted, fired for disability

Many people with disabilities often have the capabilities to hold jobs and to perform their jobs well. In addition to likely enjoying their work, they often need the income to help address expenses associated with their disabilities. As a result, when a worker faces employment discrimination due to a disability, his or her life could face several negative impacts.

New York readers may be interested in a lawsuit that an out-of-state woman recently filed, claiming disability discrimination. The woman began working for a respiratory service company in 2012, and she later developed multiple serious medical conditions. The woman’s conditions apparently qualified her for leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act as well as a state-specific civil rights act. However, in 2017, the woman was demoted by her supervisor due to missing too much work.

The lawsuit claims that the woman had submitted medical paperwork and requests for accommodation, but the company reportedly would not discuss the situation with her. Six months after being demoted, she was fired from her job. She believes that the company unjustly denied her request for disability accommodation and treated her unfairly due to her disability. She hopes that the lawsuit will help to pursue compensation, reinstatement to her previous position and other desired outcomes.

Suffering from serious medical conditions can make life difficult. However, many people continue to put their best efforts forward to hold their jobs and work as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, employment discrimination can often make it difficult for disabled workers to continue working effectively. If New York residents have faced disability discrimination on the job, they may want to find out information on their legal options for seeking justice for such wrongdoing.

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