Examples of FMLA requirements

At some point in the course of their employment, many New York workers need time off from work. While sick days or vacation days may be able to cover some individuals’ needs, others may have conditions or family members with conditions that result in a need for more time off. In many cases, the Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, can help.

Though this leave can be useful, it only applies under certain circumstances. For instance, if a person has a serious health condition or if his or her family member has a serious health condition, leave under this act may apply. Additionally, some military deployments may qualify or if a person needs to care for a service member. Lastly, leave may be approved for parents who just had a child and need time to bond, whether that results from a birth, adoption or foster care.

It is also important to remember that FMLA benefits do not apply to every employee or employer. If a company has fewer than 50 employees, following FMLA law is not required. Plus, if a worker has not been employed with the company for a certain period of time or has not clocked enough hours during that time, he or she may not qualify.

These examples are only a few of the stipulations related to leave under the FMLA. As a result, workers may need to make sure that they meet other qualifications as well before being able to take such leave. It is also wise to gain information on state-specific leave programs in New York like the Paid Family Leave law. However, some employers may deny leave to qualified employees or may violate their rights under the act in other ways. If this happens, negatively affected workers may have reason to take legal actions.

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