$12 million awarded to workers after wage theft violations

Most people want to find a way to make an honest living. Unfortunately, even if the workers themselves are honest, they may not have the ability to live as they like because their employers are dishonest. Some unscrupulous individuals may commit wage theft, and people trying to provide for themselves and their families may suffer.

New York readers may be interested in a wage theft case that took place in another state. Recent reports indicated that over 1,000 workers were subjected to wage violations from their employer, which was a construction subcontractor. Apparently, the subcontractor cheated workers out of their rightful pay on 35 construction sites. The workers did not receive minimum wage, were not paid for overtime and did not receive appropriate rest breaks.

In addition to those violations, the workers were also paid by check, and those checks would often bounce, resulting in the workers having to wait months for payment. When they finally did receive payment, the compensation was less than what they earned. The company received a citation and has been ordered to pay the workers approximately $12 million. It was noted that the company is working on an appeal of the citation.

Wage theft is a serious offense that can damage the livelihood of numerous individuals. If New York workers believe that their employers have not properly compensated them for the services they have provided, it may be worth their time and effort to gain information on their possible legal options. Because cases like this can be complex, it may prove beneficial to enlist the help of legal professionals.

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