FMLA violations can lead to wrongful dismissal

When New York workers suffer from medical conditions, those conditions can make it difficult to work or carry out daily activities. However, they may not prevent a person from working altogether. Instead, an individual may simply need time off to handle issues relating to his or her condition. Commonly, that time off is covered under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act, referred to as the FMLA, or other state-specific leave programs.

The FMLA can come in handy for many workers trying to earn an income and handle medical conditions. However, violations can occur, and one woman in another state claims that she was terminated from her job for taking leave under the law. According to reports, the woman suffered from an undisclosed medical condition that caused her to miss work.

She stated that she requested medical leave but that she was dismissed from her job afterward. She also indicated that the dismissal took place even though she performed her job in accordance with her employer’s standards. She claims that as a result of the FMLA violation, she has suffered emotional distress, lost wages, lost fringe benefits and other negative outcomes. She is utilizing the lawsuit to pursue over $50,000 in damages and other relief.

In New York, both the FMLA and Paid Family Leave programs work to help employees protect their jobs while also taking time off when needed for qualifying medical issues. If employees believe that their rights under such programs and laws have been violated, they may have reason to pursue legal action. Major violations can result in job loss, as this case shows, and seeking restitution for such wrongful outcomes may be prudent.

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