Upstate New York workers claim years of sexual harassment

Everyone wants to have places to go where they feel they can conduct themselves and their activities safely. While many individuals consider their home one of these places, their workplaces should also fall into this category. Unfortunately, for many female workers, their work environments feel anything but safe due to the sexual harassment they face.

Three women who work for an agency that assists the disabled in upstate New York claim that a male co-worker sexually harassed them on the job over the course of two years. Among his numerous actions, one woman stated that the man forced her head between his legs, and another woman indicated that he exposed his genitals to her while she was working. The third woman stated that the man grabbed her and threatened to sexually assault her, which resulted in police being contacted and the man being charged with harassment.

However, the women claim that their internal complaints about the man went unheeded until that last event. One woman has filed a federal harassment complaint regarding the actions she was subjected to in the workplace by the man. Though company policy mandates annual harassment training, one woman stated that it involves clicking through an online session and does not work to prevent harassment.

Having to contend with disturbing actions while on the job can make anyone fearful of going to work. If other New York workers face sexual harassment on the job and their complains also do not see significant results, they may want to consider more forceful measures. Filing legal claims for such harassment may help individuals seek justice and restitution for the wrongdoing.

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