Survey shows discrimination still problematic in US workplaces

Although there is now a heightened awareness regarding employment discrimination, sexual harassment and other forms of workplace violations, these issues continue to be problems in New York and across the nation. People who face difficulties at work due to race, gender or sexual orientation should be aware of how to combat discrimination.

A recent study indicates that challenges remain regarding workplace diversity. The study shows that 61% of United States workers who took part in the survey stated that they were subjected to or witnessed LGBTQ-, gender- or race-related discrimination. This was worse than the results for other nations, including United Kingdom (55%), France (43%) and Germany (37%).

Researchers were enthusiastic about the positive U.S. job market as the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in 50 years. Still, discriminatory behavior continues to be problematic. Of American workers surveyed, 42% said they have experienced racism on the job. It was the same percentage for gender discrimination. Age-related discrimination happened to 45% of respondents. One-third said they were subjected to or saw others discriminated against because they were part of the LGBTQ community.

Workplace discrimination can include not getting a promotion due to age, losing a job due to sexual orientation or a woman being questioned and discriminated against because she plans to have a child. The law is supposed to prevent employers from committing these kinds of discrimination. Unfortunately, some workplaces still violate the law in myriad ways. Those who have been victimized should remember they have rights. A law firm experienced in discrimination cases might be able to help a victim secure compensation.

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