How to take action after an incident of workplace sexual harassment

You have the right to a safe workplace. So, if you’re the victim of sexual harassment at any point, you need to speak up and take steps to protect yourself and your legal rights.

If you don’t take action after an incident of workplace sexual harassment, there’s a greater chance that the behavior will continue. And when that’s the case, it makes it much more difficult to do your job without constantly looking over your shoulder.

Workplace sexual harassment comes in many forms, from unwanted touching to sexually charged jokes. If you find yourself the victim of such behavior, here’s what you should do:

  • Tell the person to stop: Don’t give them any reason to believe that their behavior is acceptable or that you want them to continue.
  • File a complaint: Even if you believe the person will stop, file a formal complaint with the HR department. You want your complaint to be on file in the event that the harassment continues.
  • Keep track of everything. From when the harassment occurred to when you filed your complaint, every detail is important. This will help you maintain control of your complaint, all the while protecting yourself along the way.

These are the types of steps you should take after an incident of workplace sexual harassment. The most important thing you can do is protect your safety and legal rights. There’s never a good time to take a risk with either of these.

Depending on how things play out, you may find yourself in a position to take legal action against your employer. That may be the best way to protect yourself.

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