Citing violence, fired employee sues the New York Giants 

A man worked for the New York Giants organization for 30 years, most recently as a video director. He was fired in March of this year. 

The man is now suing the organization over his dismissal. He claims that he worked in a hostile environment and witnessed violence, which he then reported. He claims that the firing was an act of direct retaliation for this report. 

What happened?

The story from the former video director is that he was present when the man supervising him physically assaulted another employee, who worked for the video director. This was on September 12, 2020, right around the start of the football season. 

Moreover, the man says that this was a pattern. He claims that he personally was tackled and threatened with death multiple times on the job, for instance, including one incident where he was told he would be strangled. The tackling incident happened in 2004, so he claims it was a long-term pattern and showed that the Giants allowed for this culture of workplace violence. 

He has also accused the team of supporting this culture by doing nothing when these violent incidents occurred. The man who tackled him, he claims, was never punished at all. 

It is worth noting that the incident that he reported did not include violence toward him directly but toward a member of his staff. He simply provided other examples to show this was not a one-time incident. The overall pattern of behavior is what created the hostile atmosphere — and firing him was a direct act of retaliation for his complaint. 

Employees have a right to a safe workplace

No one should have to fear violence in the workplace, and those who report it should not have to fear being fired in retaliation. Any workers in this situation must understand their legal options. Knowing what steps to take next can be very difficult when you don’t have any experienced guidance. 

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