Is your boss trying to force you out?

You’ve always been a faithful and hard-working employee since you entered the job market. This is an attitude that you’ve taken into your latest position.

Unfortunately, your work ethic doesn’t seem to be appreciated by your current boss. In fact, you’re under the impression that they might be trying to make you quit. Outlined below are some of the more common signs that your boss is trying to force you out.

You are being left out of plans for the future

The company you work for is continuing to expand and explore new markets. You believe that you can be a valuable member of the team, but your supervisor seems to think otherwise. You’re being assigned to more trivial tasks. Even when you’re completing such assignments, you’re being micromanaged to the extent that you feel useless.

You have been demoted

Not only have your daily duties changed, but your official title has too. Your boss has even suggested that times are hard, so you might need to take a pay cut. This seems strange since the company is doing well, as indicated by the expansion plans that you appear to have been left out of.

What are your legal rights?

You should only be judged on your job performance. Age, race, ethnicity, disability, religion or any other protected characteristic should never hold you back in the workplace. If you feel like you are being subjected to harassment or a hostile work environment, then you do have options. Seeking legal guidance will give you a better idea of what these are.

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