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November 2014 Archives

Sheriff's deputy brings sexual harassment claim against Nassau County

It takes courage to report sexual harassment in the workplace. Sometimes, however, that courage isn't met with respect from superiors or human resources departments, and instead is met with retaliation.

Unpaid Interns Win Another Round: Conde Naste Settles

It's been a good month for those fighting the scourge of unpaid quote-unquote "internships," which are too often simply part-time or full-time jobs in disguise. First, NBCUniversal agreed to settle with a group of former unpaid interns for Saturday Night Live, who sued as a class for labor law and wage violations. Now this week comes news that Conde Naste, publishing empire, has also decided to settle, to the tune of 5.8 million, the class action suit brought against it by its own former interns. The Conde Nast settlement is perhaps a bit more expected: the company appears to have known it had entered into some dangerous waters in its internship practices, and decided to end the program entirely this past summer.

How soon should a lawyer be involved in a discrimination claim?

Plainly speaking, discrimination claims are complex. For employees, dealing with discrimination in the workplace can be overwhelming and challenging. If an employee is part of a protected class (some examples include race, religion and gender) and discriminated against in the workplace, he or she may have a strong employment law claim.

Federal court reinstates employee's FMLA claim

It is illegal for an employer to retaliate against an employee for taking leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). If an employer retaliates or discriminates against a worker for taking approved family or medical leave, then the worker can bring a civil claim against the employer.

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