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April 2015 Archives

Does my employer have to provide notification of a layoff?

Federal and state laws require that certain employers give their employees notification prior to a mass layoff or closing. The law related to this is called the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, or WARN, and different states have implemented different versions of the federal legislation.

Former CBS producer says sexual harassment led to PTSD

No matter where you are when the incident happens, unwanted sexual advancements from a co-worker or supervisor can make your workplace hostile. You could be at your job, minding your own business or having a simple conversation, or maybe you're at an office party, or at a restaurant or bar for happy hour -- the location doesn't matter -- being sexually harassed is unacceptable.

Federal protections for transgender employees

The rights of transgender employees have expanded during recent years. President Obama issued an executive order in July prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating against employees based upon gender identity and sexual orientation. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission also recently brought lawsuits under Title VII of the Civil Rights Acts to protect transgender employees. Finally, Attorney General Eric Holder announced in December that the Justice Department would look upon transgender discrimination as prohibited sexual discrimination at the workplace.

New York attorney general wants answers from retailers who use on-call staffing

Most people know that doctors and other salaried practitioners may be on-call to provide treatment or services. This kind of scheduling system makes sense for emergencies and other special situations, which could be addressed in an employment contract.

Claims that New York City discriminated against workers

It appears that allegations of workplace discrimination apply to more than private employers. According to a federal commission, New York City engaged in discrimination regarding wages paid to women and minorities. The payments they received reportedly were substantially less than white male workers received.

If I'm a server in New York, how much side work can my employer make me do?

New York City law and New York State law provide specific protections for tipped workers, but many people who work in the restaurant industry are not fully aware of their rights.

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