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August 2015 Archives

Why preventing workplace violence is so challenging

Last week, New York City residents were among those throughout the U.S. who were horrified to learn of the one-air shooting murders of WDBJ-TV news reporter, Alison Parker and cameraman, Adam Ward. It was soon discovered that the brutal and violent act was carried out by a disgruntled former television station employee named Vester Flanagan.

NYT article provides accounts of Amazon's discriminatory and abusive culture

Employers in the technology industry often get a lot of praise and press for the various perks their employees enjoy. From free lunches at Google to free laundry and dry cleaning at Facebook, the men and women who are lucky enough to land a position at a high-tech company are often the envy of many. That is, unless you work at Amazon.

Working parents and Family Responsibilities Discrimination

The vast majority of U.S. residents must work. Today's employers often demand a tremendous amount from employees and, increasingly, U.S. employees are struggling to maintain a healthy work and life balance. Doing so is often especially challenging for working parents who often feel pressured to put in long hours at the office, which comes at the expense of their home life and parental duties.

Have you been the victim of illegal employment practices?

U.S. employment laws afford employees many rights, protections and privileges. Unfortunately, there are employers out there, both big and small, that routinely disregard and violate these laws. Consequently, many hard-working employees are subjected to acts of harassment, discrimination, wage theft and wrongful termination.

ADA —25 years of protecting and preserving the rights of disabled workers

This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 being signed into law. Prior the enaction of the ADA, millions of disabled Americans regularly and without recourse suffered acts of blatant discrimination when attempting to both secure and keep a job.

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