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August 2017 Archives

Wage and hour law violations may hinder New York workers

Having a job and earning wages can often make a person feel proud. In addition to these feelings, it can also allow for parties to provide for themselves and their families by using the wages that they earn. Understandably, when an employer violates wage and hour laws, it can be difficult for employees to make ends meet.

Can I be fired for reporting sexual harassment?

Filing a report citing sexual harassment in the workplace can be very uncomfortable and even frightening. You might feel like you will get laughed at or challenged; you might feel intimidated and discouraged. You might also feel like you could lose your job for filing a complaint.

Protections against discrimination for LGBT workers still unclear

Victims of workplace discrimination can face consistent, painful mistreatment whenever they go into work. They can also be robbed of certain job opportunities or benefits that are granted to other people who do not share the specific characteristic that gives way to the mistreatment.

Facing discrimination due to diabetes? You can fight back

Diabetes is an illness that can affect many areas of your life, but with careful management, it does not necessarily have to impact your ability to work. Many people with this disease are able to have successful, lengthy careers, but others may find that they face certain types of mistreatment, even discrimination, because of the severity of their medical condition.

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